Wine Tasting - Oliver&Bird

Why not indulge in an evening of wine tasting?

Create your very own wine tasting experience with help of the highly developed palate of Oliver&Bird. Choose from a large selection of wines discovered by Oliver&Bird through their years of experience traveling to the worlds finest small and independent estates. 

Oliver&Bird will make sure you have a fun and fact filled evening tasting and unravelling the mysteries of wine, improving your knowledge and confidence selecting wines, and understanding pairing wines with food. 

Wine can be selected in order to take a taste tour of a particular region, or you could leave it up to the experts at Oliver&Bird to bring you a delicious selection of wines from around the globe!

"From grape to glass there is no greater joy than sampling the diversities of wine..."

Contact David on 07807010419 or 01626775746 or email: david@oliverandbird.co.uk 

 Please book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

After Dinner Tango Lessons View Directions
The Argentinean tango holds a unique place in couple dancing. It is a social dance that can be enjoyed at many levels. It is relatively easy to master the basics of form and improvisation and yet great subtleties of feeling and fast, playful footwork can be explored as you progress. In its highest form it is capable of expressing the most profound longings that people can have about their lives, and each other. Why not organise some after dinner tango lessons with Tango Oblivion.
Private Cocktail Bartender

Hire your own private cocktail bartender for your celebration.  Three options available:

Personal Cocktail Bartender - A personal bartender to come to your home and make cocktails for you 
and your guests

Personal Cocktail Bartender and a Butler in the Buff

Cocktail Clinic - A personal fun training session to teach you about cocktails and how 
to make them.

Contact Lewis on Lewis the Bartender on 01173 306269, email lewis@thebartender.co.uk or go online at www.thebartender.co.uk for further details and prices.