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Our beautiful rural properties are perfectly positioned in south west Scotland and south west England for easy road access across the counties, with a huge selection of high quality shoots right on their doorsteps... and you are really spoilt for choice!

Game shooting has become an increasingly popular pastime in recent decades. No longer just the preserve of the landed gentry, game shooting is fully accessible now to thousands of people from all walks of life. It can provide huge benefits to the environment as well as contributing to the local economy.

Game shooting can provide an exhilarating days sport, in addition to being a fantastic way to get out in the countryside enjoy spectacular views - many of the BASC's Green Shoots have been endorsed by Natural England and Scottish National Heritage, and enjoy the use of some of the countries finest designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Best of all shooting provides natural, wild, healthy and utterly delicious game meat for the table!


Chargot - In the heart of the west country, on the edge of Exmoor, lies the legendary Chargot Shoot. A shoot which needs little introduction as it is synonymous with the best pheasant and partridge shooting in Britain. Chargot is a mixed pheasant and partridge shoot which shows some incredible birds throughout the season. Its seemingly bottomless, steep sided valleys and stunning scenery provide the most idyllic shooting country. There is valley upon valley of perfect shooting topography which in turn presents quite astounding sporting birds. Tall and testing would be an understatement when describing the birds on drives such as Spitfire, Unbelievable and Melanie's and many, many more.

Bulland - set in stunning scenery, spread across a dozen drives, with the deep valleys of Exmoor providing extremely high birds to make for a challenging and rewarding shooting experience. Back to back days are available with mainly pheasant and some partridge offering bags of between 250 and 400 quality birds.

Blackdown Shoot - covering land in south Somerset and east Devon and situated in the heart of the beautiful Blackdown Hills, the Blackdown Shoot is run on a family beef farm covering some 450 acres. The majority of the ground the shoot covers is made up with rolling hills, wooded areas, game cover, and some marsh land. Established for over 38 years, the shoot has kept growing, recently adding new drives such as Deer Park and Plantation, adding new pens, and releasing more birds including partridges that are all reared on our family game farm. The Blackdown Shoot can now offer 80 to 100 mixed bird days and mini driven/walked up days. They also offer high and fast driven duck days, these birds are driven over woodland rides where possible, showing birds to test the most competent of guns.

Orchard Wyndham Shoot - Set on a beautiful 3000 acre estate on the edge of Exmoor, the shooting is held on the south side of the estate, which amounts to about 1500 acres where there is excellent topography. Most of the drives are out of the cover of crops from high points on the estate along with some large areas of mixed woodland. Driven days of 50 to 150 birds can be held depending on what you wish to shoot, pheasants are the main game bird along with occasional partridge, duck and woodcock.

Combe Davey Shoot - a traditional and down to earth pheasant shoot on the edge of Exmoor suitable for teams of guns requiring a challenging days shooting. 75 to 100 bird days the shoot offers a blend of mature fir woods and broadleaf woodland, steep valleys and game crops.

South of Taunton Croford Syndicate - small pheasant shoot 10 miles south of Taunton, consisting of six drives across medium terrain of woodland picturesque surroundings - three woodland drives in the afternoon supported by cover crops. 50 to 60 bird days in all starting October through until the 1st of February.

Staple Fitzpane Shoot - nestled in the rolling Blackdown Hills, the Staple Fitzpane Shoot makes full use of the deep valleys to show high and fast birds in true west country style. Pheasant, partridge and duck make up the bag with a good show of migratory woodcock throughout the season. Days of 50 to 75 birds are available for teams of eight guns.

Manor Farm - a 2 acre lake on a farm bordering the Blackdown Hills and Somerset Levels offering duck shooting and wild fowling. There are thousands of ducks on the levels when they flood and prior to that dozens of those duck will visit the lake. Excellent early and late evening flights in two living willow duck hides. The lake shoots up to 4 guns (two in each hide).

Illminster - a wonderful traditional private estate near Illminster situated on the edge of the Somerset Levels. Drives are from both woods and game cover, offering some challenging fast birds for the most experienced shot. There are some particularly picturesque drives where the full line is in view and birds can be seen from a considerable distance adding to the excitement. Woodcock are occasionally seen and there are some partridge. The optimum number of guns is eight.

Chilworthy - a family run shoot in the heart of Somerset, with up to ten drives and six to seven drives a day. Average season 120 birds per day throughout the season, quality birds off 3 high drives with a mixture from game crops to woodland. A compact 600 acre driven shoot of steep sided banks, rolling fields, woodlands and spinets. A friendly, sporting and throughly pleasant shoot with some great views.

Buckland Shoot - based in the rolling Blackdown Hills covering some 2000 acres of stunning countryside. The shoot is made up of vast amounts of rolling grass farmland hills, combined with wooded areas and game cover which offers a mixed days sport. Tailor made days to suit whatever the requirements, whether a team of guns or an individual gun. The days range from 70 to 200 birds, which can include driven pheasant and partridge days, driven duck days, and driven duck and partridge days.

Watchford Shoot - set in the Blackdown Hills with steep valleys. On top there is a mix of cover crops where the birds are flushed to waiting guns in the bottom, where they produce sporting birds for everyone. There are three main quarry species: pheasant, duck and partridge. The partridge shooting is very special as Watchford Shoot release many English partridges. All days are sold on a mix day base normally around the 100 bird mark.

Arthayes & Burnworthy Shoot - covering over 1000 acres, the shoot is situated on the Devon and Somerset border just 15 mins off junction 26 off the M5. An 8/9 gun syndicate is provided, with shooting over five days, with a further six days for 8/9 gun teams. A variety of birds including duck and pheasant.

Currypool & Babcary Duck Shoot - establish now over 100 years, the shoot is situated in the foothills of the Quantock Hills and drives extend up into deep valleys on the hills. Driven birds can be shown to suit most needs, predominantly pheasant with a few partridge, and some ducks to call on if requested. 180 to 220 bird days on average.

Exmoor Estates - located on the Devon and Somerset border near the historic Exmoor town of Dulverton, the shoot is run by Tom Flanagan, who has lived and worked on Highcombe Farm for thirty years. A small driven shoot providing pheasant and duck, with occasional partridge, woodcock and snipe has been established. Mini driven days typically offer up to 100 birds, teams of six guns are regular, but from 4 to 8 can be accommodated. Tom also provides stalking for Red and Roe deer over 1400 acres of Exmoor. Tom engages in selective and sustainable culling so stalkers should not expect to shoot trophy heads.

Miltons - comprising of 5000 acres, the very best of the dramatic topography has led to the development of famous pheasant drives such as Collies Head, Howe Wood, Tom's Hedges, Rookery and Dark Corner. The partridges have a loyal following too, with old established drives such as Farm, Church, Squeakitts-Top and Aerial all providing excellent sport.

Melcombe Shoot - a syndicate shoot which lies centrally within the Exmoor National Park. Melcombe is a traditional country-house style shoot driven by the philosophy that the theatre of the day makes a complete shooting experience. Good shots who enjoy high birds, stunning surroundings and a relaxed atmosphere will enjoy this day. Bags of 150 to 250 are anticipated and usually shoot 8 guns on a monday or a friday.

Phoines Estate, Withycombe Shoot - the Withycombe Shoot lies within 1500 acres of prime Exmoor shooting country. The deep valleys and woodlands offer the ideal settings for high bird shooting. Drives such as Burrow Wood, Riddlers Garden and the infamous Punch Bowl offer well presented birds to challenge even the most experienced guests. (Pheasant, partridge, woodcock and pigeon).

Great Fulford Estate - 3000 acres of estate of outstanding pheasant shooting country on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, Great Fulford has many established drives and several new and successful high bird drives have been added recently. The stunning topography is perfect for the presentation of superb Devon pheasants and partridge. The normal day bags 150 to 350 birds, smaller 50 to 80 bird days  and tailer made days can also be arranged.

Nurston Vallies Estate - set in a 2000 acre idyllic location in the heart of the Devon countryside, with steep woods and valleys offering some of the best high quality pheasant and partridge. The drives are mixed with woodland bordered with cover crops or just large cover crops which is all positioned at the summit of the valleys the birds at the lowest are 30 yards up plus. Day range from 100/150/200 bird days in November, December and January.

Cotley Shoot - located ten minutes from M5 junction 30 near Exeter the shoot is situated in 600 acres of secluded rural valleys with a good mix of hardwood and open valleys topped with hanging covers and cover crops showing some fantastic birds. 4000+ pheasants and 170 duck are put down, with good woodcock numbers in the later season. Bags of 70 to 120+ are achieved on main syndicate days, this is a shoot one beat one shoot with two teams of ten.

Wood Advent Shoot - the shoot has a wonderful blend of natural hardwood covers, steep sided valleys, mature fir woods and strategically placed game crops spread over about 1200 acres, which provides 16 varied drives. Days can be tailored to suit the requirements of any team of guns who need a challenge. There are regular bags of 150 to 250 birds.

Huntsham Shoot - Based in the beautiful Devon countryside with sweeping views over Exmoor, Huntsham Shoot has the ground to compete with some of the best sporting estates in the south west. 150 - 250 shoots a day, but can do bigger if requested - we tailor the day to you and your team and can move guns around the shoot on the gun bus if you would prefer.

Blannicombe Valley Shoot - set in 1500 acres of picturesque countryside offering steep valleys, with drives offering  mixture of mature broadleaf woods to open hillside over crop. The shoot shows excellent quality pheasant and partridge, birds are presented at their optimum height and are a great challenge even for the most experienced gun.

Aishe Barton Shoot - set on 1200 acres of outstanding shooting ground with a mixture of mature woodlands and cover crops, Aishe Barton is situated in a picturesque corner of Devon amongst some of the deepest valleys. Some of the drives are set 200 metres above sea level which produces outstanding pheasants.

Devon (East) - set in beautiful valleys and woodlands in the heart of East Devon. Shooting a combination of woodlands and cover crops set on high lands and steep valleys. Pheasants and mixed bird days can be accommodated. Small driven days from 40 to 150 mixed bird days, and teams of 6 to 10 guns. Rough days and walk-up days available throughout the season, for pairs up to 5 guns.

Fursdon Shoot - the shooting at Fursdon Estate and surrounding area extends to over 1400 acres, ranging from steep sided valleys down to the River Exe wetlands. A small number of outside/mini driven days are available to non-syndicate with high quality driven pheasants - often said to rival the best in north Devon. Alongside pheasant, woodcock, geese and various wildfowl are also available.

Old Moon Shoot - probably one of the only shoots in the UK that can offer three shoots in one experience! Set in the beautiful Exmoor countryside the Old Moon Shoot offers deer stalking for Red stag, hind, Roe buck and doe over the ever changing countryside. Wild Boar hunting takes place from high chairs late afternoon on land with over 100 licensed boar, some large males weigh over 400lb. High seats have over 85% success. Mini drive and rough shot pheasant shooting is available , this type of shooting is exciting and challenging. Walking up and standing for driven birds on to the guns from higher woods and valley sides. The bag can be variable due to the challenging aspects of rough shooting. There is the opportunity to shoot pheasant, partridge, woodcock, and if you are quick enough snipe.

Beer Shoot - established for over 40 years, Beer Shoot is held on the Devon Clinton Estate located between Branscombe and Beer with over 1500 acres. Predominantly pheasant drives.


Raehills Estate - The Estate’s renowned shooting offers pheasants across 5,000 acres of diverse terrain. Birds are shown from mature woodlands and open moors, with guns standing in deep bottomed gullies.

Strahanna Stalking - A warm welcome awaits you in the picturesque countryside between idyllic villages of Moniave and Carsphairn. We provide stalking for the complete beginner and the more experienced hunter.

Drumlanrig Castle  - You can enjoy an exhilarating days sport on the magnificent Queensberry Estate thanks to the generations of careful planning and hard work led by sucessive Dukes of Buccleuch and overseen by expert gameskeepers and estate managers. Over the last seven years Drumlanrig has become known as one of the premier partridge shoots in the world! There are also 25 varied and excellent pheasant drives, and 25,000 acres of heather and moorland for grouse with four main beats being Durisdeer, Wanlockhead, Daerhead and Locherben.

Balgray Estate - The grandfather of the current owner Michael Jardine-Paterson was a keen shot, and planted the estate out in the 1920's with a view to shooting high birds. The estate is approximately 6,500 acres in size and shares a boarder with the Gillesbie Estate, owned by the Tulloch family. There are numerous drives of high quality on the Balgray shoot. Balgray Belcathill is awesome on a south westerly wind, but htere are a dozen or so with little to choose between them for showing tall birds.

Kingfield Estate - typically 150 bird day, for a team of eight guns. Kingfield Estate is located in Cumbria right on the English/Scottish border.

Delaney's Shoot - Small working mans friendly syndicate, the shoot is located around the area of Canonbie Dumfriesshire just over the Scottish border near Carlisle. The shooting ground covers some 5000 acres, with five or six drives to various woods and ponds around the shoots. Shooting released pheasant (1200) and wild duck, opportunities are also available for woodcock and snipe.

Greystone Shoot - The shoot comprises of around 1500 acres of woodland and game crop near Hayton, Brampton in Cumbria. In teams of eight, we work on a walk one stand one basis with approximately five drives for each team on the day, some members swap days to allow them to stand all day. The last few seasons have produced bags of between 90 and 130 birds with some drives showing fantastically challenging birds.

Dumfries & Galloway Goose and Duck Shoot - A few days a year each season Goose and Duck shooting is offered by a local knowledgable retired Gamekeeper. Shooting over fantastic lochs and rivers, also decoying inland crops all on private Estates in and around Dumfries and Galloway. Goose and Duck shooting extends over 50,000 acres. Dogs are welcome, and free tuition for novices is on offer if required. 

St Mary's Isle Estate - Family run, and well established shoot over 2000 acres of stunning countryside in south west Scotland. Many of the drives provide outstanding coastal views. Pheasants and partridges are shown from mature woodlands and young plantations with the guns standing in open fields to deep bottomed gullies, challenging even the most experienced of game shots. Drives such as The Glanley Valley, The Moss Banks and The Beech Point should strike fear and pleasure in equal measures into the line of guns. 

Netherstead Shoot - A little over 3000 acres of undulating typical Scottish Borders terrain, ideal stalking terrain with high seats in situ. Wild duck flights, driven pheasant and woodcock are all on offer on this shoot (dependent on availability). There is also access to both local trout and salmon fishing - both river and pond. 

Kencarrig Shoot - Offers wildfowling and rough shooting in some of the finest countryside that Scotland has to offer. Kencarrig gives the opportunity to shoot a mixed bag of pheasant, duck, partridge, woodcock, snipe, pigeon, rabbits and geese. 

The Newlands & Dalswinton Estates - situated in south west Scotland some 8 miles from the town of Dumfries. The Estates start shooting in early October for partridge with pheasants making up the majority of the bag from late October onwards.

Craigadam Estate - Craigadam has sporting access to 25,000 acres of shooting and stalking over farmland, moorland and woodland. Richard and Celia have together developed a remarkably successful shooting and fishing business.